London photographer Pascal Molliere

The light can dance and sparkle when it hits the right surfaces - or illuminate the dark in the most beautiful way.. Pascal De Mollière

I started taking photographs when I was about 10. My father gave me a Zenith 35mm SLR, and we walked around the gardens in Versailles to shoot the many famous statues, in and around the Basin De Neptune.

My Grandfather was a portrait photographer in Versailles and he knew the gardens very well indeed - he would also be invited to the red carpet in Cannes and Deauville - my father studied photography in Paris, and Versailles, before coming to England..

Stills Photographer

My career in the arts, is in the blood. I became involved in theatre stills photography several years ago when I worked with John Haynes at the Maccowen Theatre at LAMDA. Shortly after I was asked to photograph for the Linbury Studio and at the LAMDA 3rd year degree performances. Rich black & white framed stills have adorned the walls for many years at LAMDA..

The late, great Yvan Kyncl, the talent that is Knobby Clark and the skill that is John Haynes all helped me along the way.. The RSC associate Director Greg Doran has always been a great believer in my work, and I am grateful for the opportunities..

Performing Arts Photographer

All aspects of photography interest me greatly including reportage, film stills, studio portrature etc. Primarily I'm a people photographer and I particularly like shooting the performing arts, televison, film and theatre. The light, the fast changing subject matter and the rich expression of the stage is a great giver of emotion and light - and I enjoy creating art from art.

Theatre Photographer

I've been lucky enough to have worked with a variety of different directors and theatre companies in recent years - Crispin Bonham-Carter, Helena Kaut-Hausen, Greg Doran - The Linury, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The MacCowen theatre and I continue to take on new challenges within the performing arts arena including The Circus Space and BBC television. I worked with Greg Doran, and Sir Anthony Sher - in fact I photographed their wedding.. I dropped the 'De' from De Mollière' - it's my old family name, I'm known to many as simply Pascal Mollière.

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